2020 House Refund Information:
If you registered for the 2020 House leauge, please login to your account, and click the blue button to register your refund request option for your 2020 House league fees.

We thank you for your patience as we work through the challenging process of refunds for the 2020 HOUSE season.
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Welcome to ESAA

Calendar of Events

01/01/20 New Years Day ****REGISTRATION OPENS UP FOR THE 2019 SEASON******
02/10/20 Late registration starts
03/01/20 Open registration ends, tball still open
03/21/20 ESAA appreciation day at Dick's Sporting Goods, Niles store
03/21/20 Dick's Sporting Goods appreciation day
03/22/20 Drafts completed
04/04/20 Dicks Sporting goods ESAA Appreciation day at Niles store
04/14/20 Equipment hand out COACHES ABOVE TBALL LEVEL at Edgebrook Park Shed
04/15/20 Practices start
05/02/20 Opening day!
05/09/20 Picture Day at Saint Mary of the Woods
05/10/20 Mothers Day
05/23/20 Memorial Day Weekend - no house games

Dear Parents, Coaches, and Sponsors:

On behalf of the ESAA Board, welcome to the 2020 season.

Opening Day is Saturday April 26th, 2020.  ESAA has helped foster a strong sense of community on the northwest side of Chicago since the early 1960's.  We look forward to building on this tradition with over 1,000 players and their families participating this upcoming spring and summer.  A special welcome is given to all our new players and their families.

The Board of Directors would like to thank all our SPONSORS, COACHES, ASSISTANT COACHES, and VOLUNTEERS who contribute all the time, talent, and compassion needed to operate this thriving organization.  We would not be successful without their enthusiastic support. 

We are certain that the 2020 season will be filled with great fun and provide many lasting memories for the players and their families.  Remember the three F's of our league: FUN, FRIENDSHIP, and FUNDAMENTALS.