COVID-19 Rules and Regulations for the 2021 Season

COVID Rules for ESAA 2021

The following are guidelines for all ESAA programs and represent the minimum requirements for all participants. When ESAA team is visiting team: team and all of their supporters will voluntarily comply with all park specific requirements in addition to those set forth here.

  1. Only players and coaches in and near the dugout.
    - If kids need room to social distance they can use the bleachers.
  2. No parents/spectators allowed on the bleachers.
  3. Masks must be worn at all times by coaches.
  4. Players wear masks to and from the field.
  5. Masks are NOT optional in games, they are mandatory
  6. Umpires are allowed behind the plate and must wear a mask.
  7. If a player, coach or fan feels ill they should not attend a game or practice.
  8. Shared equipment - all HELMETS must be cleaned and disinfected.
  9. Tip/waiver your hat at the end of the game - no high fives, etc.
  10. Teams must clear their dugout/spectator areas of all garbage prior to vacating the field and should leave the park within 15 minutes of last out.
  11. Self-report to all close contacts after a laboratory-confirmed or probable COVID- 19 infection.
    (Close contact is defined as someone who was within 6 feet or over 15 minutes, masked or unmasked)
  12. All CDC and IDPH rules and guidelines are to be followed by all.
  13. NO SPITTING by players or coaches - no gum or sunflower seeds allowed.

Park districts require social distancing to be observed at all times.
Rules are subject to change as situations and regulations require.
Read the Chicago Park district Covid-19 response statement

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