COVID-19 Rules and Regulations for the 2021 Season

COVID Rules for ESAA 2021

The following are guidelines for all ESAA programs and represent the minimum requirements for all participants. When ESAA team is visiting team: team and all of their supporters will voluntarily comply with all park specific requirements in addition to those set forth here.

  1. Only players and coaches in and near the dugout.
    - If kids need room to social distance they can use the bleachers.
  2. No parents/spectators allowed on the bleachers.
  3. Masks must be worn at all times by coaches.
  4. Players wear masks to and from the field.
  5. Masks are NOT optional in games, they are mandatory
  6. Umpires are allowed behind the plate and must wear a mask.
  7. If a player, coach or fan feels ill they should not attend a game or practice.
  8. Shared equipment - all HELMETS must be cleaned and disinfected.
  9. Tip/waiver your hat at the end of the game - no high fives, etc.
  10. Teams must clear their dugout/spectator areas of all garbage prior to vacating the field and should leave the park within 15 minutes of last out.
  11. Self-report to all close contacts after a laboratory-confirmed or probable COVID- 19 infection.
    (Close contact is defined as someone who was within 6 feet or over 15 minutes, masked or unmasked)
  12. All CDC and IDPH rules and guidelines are to be followed by all.
  13. NO SPITTING by players or coaches - no gum or sunflower seeds allowed.

Park districts require social distancing to be observed at all times.
Rules are subject to change as situations and regulations require.
Read the Chicago Park district Covid-19 response statement

Coaches Resources

Coach Spreadsheet: (Excel spreadsheet)

Position Grid, Batting Order, Stats, and Rankings

Guidelines on how to keep a score book for baseball/softball:

Scorekeeping - Quick Guide
Baseball / Softball Scorekeeping Guide

Positive Coaching Alliance is proud to introduce the Development Zone

Resource Center:

Here you will find a collection of articles, videos, coach submissions from
around the world and a searchable database of resources to help your
organization with almost any issue that my arise.  From conversations about
playing time to hazing and bullying to resources for the first time coach,
PCA has created a site that will help the most experienced coach learn how
to improve and develop their teams, and give a new coach the confidence to
get out on the field and lead!


Heartwarming speech from Little League coach:

Concussion symptom checklist:
Concussion Symptoms


Here are some helpful coaching videos teaching a wide range of Softball and Baseball drills and fundamentals:

Baseball Pitching:

Elbow Up Exercise/Grip
Throwing Drill
Body Position Exercises
Back Side Follow Through
Power Position
1st part of being on mound-choosing position
Glide Stage to Balance Stage
Balance Stage
Low Phase
Upper Body Mechanics/Full Wind-up
Full Wind-up

ESAA Little League Baseball

Illinois Baseball Academy Video Series:

View all 11 videos in this series
1, 2, 3s of Throwing
Beginner Fielding
Beginner Fielding- Watching the Ball
Beginner Fielding- Receiving the Baseball
Beginner Hitting- Gripping the Bat
Beginner Hitting - Starting the swing
Beginner Hitting - Squishing the bug
Advanced Fielding - Intro to Backhand
Advanced Fielding- Circling a Ground Ball
Advanced Hitting - Loading Hands
Advanced Hitting- Point of Contact

Courtesy of Athletico:
Preventing Injury in Young Throwers:

Over Hand Warm Up
10 Year Youth Pitching Study
Preventing Injury In Youth Baseball Pitchers

ESAA Little League Baseball

General Softball:

Selecting a Glove


Finger Placement
Wrist Snap Drill

Courtesy of Athletico: Preventing Injury in Young Throwers:

Over Hand Warm Up
Checking the Windmill
Windmill Kinematics

Base Running:

Rounding Bases
Run Through 1st
Piston Arms
Get a Lead


Hitting Off The Tee
Bat Lag
Walk Through Drill
Sacrifice Bunt

Infield Fundamentals:

IF Qualities
IF Warm Ups
IF Foundations of Fielding
IF Throwing Footwork
IF Fielding Glove Hand Side
IF Fielding Back Hand Side
IF Slow Rollers
IF Review & Closing

Infield Positions:

SS - Shortstop
2B - Second Base
Middle Infield

Outfield Play: