COVID-19 Rules and Regulations for the 2022 Season

Chicago Park District Covid 19 / Mask Policy

Effective February 28, 2022, face coverings will not be required for Park District patrons, with limited exceptions detailed below. 
While face coverings are not required in most settings, we strongly recommend that individuals continue to wear face coverings if they are unvaccinated or immunocompromised, or if they are interacting with people that are unvaccinated, including children under the age of five.   
Many patrons and employees may choose to continue to wear a mask – please be kind to anyone that makes this choice. We fully support and encourage any patron or employee that makes the decision to continue wearing a mask.
Read the full Chicago Park district Covid-19 response statement

ESAA Board of Directors

Thad Quinley
VP-Director of Baseball:
VP-Director of Softball:
Lindsay Stavrakas
Thomas Driscoll
Board Member:
Daniel Colgan
Daniel Fitzgerald
Jeffrey Fraterrigo
Jenny O'Malley
Frank Phillips
Cathy Sanchez
Joe Sanner
Andres Terronez
Michael Warren
Special Services:
Thad Quinley CPD Liasons/Parks
Matt Somers Registration/Scheduling/Web Site
League Commissioners:
Instructional T-ball (1st yr) Dean Alonistiotis
Rookie T-ball (2nd yr) Jenny O'Malley
Intermediate 7 Bill Rooney
Minors 9 Eric Schmitt
Minors 10 Joe Sanner
Majors Lindsay Stavrakas
Senior Patrick Morris
Intermediate Lindsay Stavrakas
Majors Joe Cook
Senior Lindsay Stavrakas
Senior Bonnie Krupp
Senior Jimmy Diaz Diaz
Thunder Patrick Morris
Thunder Frank Phillips
Thunder Cathy Sanchez
Thunder - Fall Frank Phillips
Thunder - Fall Patrick Morris
Thunder - Fall Cathy Sanchez
Storm Jeffrey Fraterrigo
Storm Thomas Driscoll
Storm - Fall Jeffrey Fraterrigo
Storm - Fall Thomas Driscoll
Storm - Fall Frank Phillips