COVID-19 Rules and Regulations for the 2022 Season

Chicago Park District Covid 19 / Mask Policy

Effective February 28, 2022, face coverings will not be required for Park District patrons, with limited exceptions detailed below. 
While face coverings are not required in most settings, we strongly recommend that individuals continue to wear face coverings if they are unvaccinated or immunocompromised, or if they are interacting with people that are unvaccinated, including children under the age of five.   
Many patrons and employees may choose to continue to wear a mask – please be kind to anyone that makes this choice. We fully support and encourage any patron or employee that makes the decision to continue wearing a mask.
Read the full Chicago Park district Covid-19 response statement

Softball Intermediate Rules

Intermediate Softball Rules of Conduct

  1. Teaching and enforcing good sportsmanship and abiding by the motto "FUN, FRIENDSHIP and FUNDAMENTALS" MUST be the primary goal of ALL coaches.
  2. All coaches must take the responsibility for controlling the behavior of his/her players, as well as the parents and fans. This extends to the display of good sportsmanship by coaches and players immediately after the game through post game handshakes.
  3. Players and coaches are not permitted behind the backstop while the game is in progress.
  4. Derisive comments (i.e. "jockeying" and "heckling" of umpires and opposing players is NOT permitted.
  5. Umpires may EJECT coaches and players for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  6. After one (1) warning, the umpire may ask a coach to remove an offending fan from the park or risk a FORFEIT.ALL decisions of the umpire are FINAL!! No protests or appeals are permitted.
  7. Only the manager, or acting manager, may have a discussion with the umpire regarding a call or rules interpretation.
  8. The responsibility for maintaining an accurate scoresheet for each game rests with the two opposing managers. It is strongly suggested that the score be verified by the managers after each half-inning. Any questions regarding the score should be reconciled at that time with the umpire serving as arbitrator.
  9. A manager may not hold a player out of a game as a form of discipline without notifying and receiving the approval of the league commissioner.
  10. The prior approval of the league commissioner is required to cancel and reschedule any game, for any reason other than cancellations due to weather.
  11. If any player who, in the judgment of the umpire, throws a bat, helmet, or other piece of equipment in a spirit of anger or disgust the umpire shall call time and warn both benches that any repeat offense will result in the ejection of the player involved. If in the umpire's judgment the action warrants, the player may be ejected without any bench warning
  12. !!! At any time a coach is removed from a game due to an ejection, the offending Coach will be suspended the next scheduled game.  If another incident occurs the coach will be removed from Coaching for the Season.  All cases will be reviewed by the Board to determine further actions!!!

Intermediate Softball Game Rules

  1. The official softball shall be an 11 inch RIF softball provided by the league.
  2. All players should be in uniform (consisting of cap, jersey and shorts). The catcher MUST wear a chest protector, mask, and shin guards. Each batter, on-deck batter, and base runner must wear a helmet. NO metal spikes are allowed.
  3. The bases are 60 feet apart. The pitcher's rubber "mound" is 25 feet from the front edge of home plate. The coaches or parents pitching to their teams must be standing on the rubber and pitch with an underhand motion. No overhand pitching is permitted.
  4. The Home Team provides the game ball (1), sets up the field, returns all equipment to the storage box after the game, and returns the diamond area to a clean condition. The field should be set up for the game 30 minutes before game time.
  5. The Visiting Team has the right to PRACTICE on the game day field starting from fifteen minutes prior to game time. The HOME team is entitled to the field from the time the field is set up until 15 minutes prior to game time.
  6. EACH player MUST play on defense with no player off the field for more than one (1) inning. Player positioning is determined by the coaches, who must balance the goals of SAFETY, TEACHING and WINNING. No player may play the same position for more than two (2) innings in any game. The spirit of this rule is to encourage rotation of all players to play all positions EXCEPT when safety is a concern.
  7. Each player is included in the batting order and bats in turn even if she did not play in the field the previous inning.
  8. Players must be substituted freely during their innings on defense.
  9. Each team can field a maximum of ten (10) players. In addition to the nine (9) traditional positions a "short center" or midfielder is allowed. The midfielder plays the infield within 5 feet behind second base.
  10. The infielders may NOT shift their defensive position UNTIL the ball is hit. The outfielders must remain in the outfield (on the grass) and the pitcher must remain on the mound. It is the responsibility of BOTH coaches to position their players to avoid collisions (i.e. out of the base paths unless making a play).
  11. At the discretion of the umpire, and after one warning, the umpire may award the batter first base whenever the defensive team shifts illegally toward home plate.
  12. An overthrow at first base will be treated as a dead ball. The batter will not be allowed to advance to second base. Existing runners will only be allowed to advance to the next base (i.e. if they were on first base, they can only go to second; if they were on second, they can only go to third). For overthrows at bases other than first, the same rule shall apply.
  13. Plays from the outfield shall be considered stopped or dead when the ball enters the infield (i.e. the ball breaks the plane of the infield arc {dirt cutout}). When a ball is thrown in from the outfield and breaks the plane of the infield, if a runner is less than halfway, and proceeds to the next base safely, they will be returned to the previous base. An exception to this is if the runner is required to proceed to the next base because of a force situation. If the runner is less than halfway, proceeds to the next base and is tagged out, she will be called out.
  14. Bunting is not allowed. Unintentional weak hits are considered "in play". Intentional bunts or "half swings" (in the judgment of the umpire) are considered strikes.
  15. No leadoffs, stolen bases, or advancing on wild pitches or passed balls are allowed. The infield fly rule will NOT be in effect.
  16. On the first occurrence of a thrown bat, the batter will be issued a warning. Each subsequent time that a player who has received a warning throws her bat, that player will be ruled out.
  17. A minimum of 7 players is required to start a game, and to continue at the start of each inning. Teams unable to field the minimum number of players within 15 minutes of the scheduled game time are subject to forfeit. Teams with 7-9 players are not required to have a catcher. A coach/parent of the team must catch (no siblings or other children). Plays at home plate must be made by the team in the field.
  18. All games must be played as scheduled unless weather conditions interfere. Games may be postponed for reasons of weather or field conditions, as long as both coaches are in agreement. The Commissioner may determine that all games on a particular day will be canceled, however, if the commissioner is unable to inspect a field before game time, the decision should be made by the coaches.   Lightning rule:  The 30 minute rule will be utilized when lightning is sited or thunder is heard.   All on field activity shall be automatically suspended for a minimum of 30 minutes and participants shall seek appropriate shelter.  An assessment of conditions is to be made after the 30 minute wait period.  On field activity shall resume when it is reasonably determined that additional threatening weather is not imminent.  If lightning is sited or thunder after the 30 minute count, the 30 minute count shall be restarted.  Games are resumed at the point at which play was postponed.  If the game needs to be rescheduled, it will be resumed at the point at which play was postponed.  ALL GAMES PLAYED AT THE SAME PARK WILL FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES EQUALLY, IF ANY GAME IS SUSPENDED AT A PARK ALL GAMES WILL BE SUSPENDED.
  19. At game time, or at any time during the game, the coaches may agree that darkness, field or weather conditions have rendered the game unplayable. If there is disagreement among the coaches, then the umpire will make the decision as to whether a game will be played or postponed. Attempts should be made to play the game even if this requires using "the grass". However, the safety of the players must take precedence. If a game is postponed, then the home team coach must notify the Commissioner immediately so it can be rescheduled.  Canceled games must be made up. The coaches should agree on a time that is mutually acceptable based on available fields as determined by the commissioner. A game that is not made up by agreement of both coaches will be considered a no-contest.  For the purpose of the standings, a forfeit will be only be awarded to a team if another team does not make a reasonable attempt to make up a game canceled due to weather. 
  20. During the regular season, games are 6 innings long, with the visiting team batting first. The home team will bat in the 6th inning only if trailing. During the regular season, no new inning shall begin after 1 hour and 45 minutes from the first pitch of the game. Coaches and the umpire should agree on the exact starting time of the game and should agree on the designation of last inning prior to the start of the last inning. If a game is tied after 6 complete innings (and time permits as noted here), ONE (and only one) extra inning WILL be played if there are 30 minutes before the next scheduled game. IN ALL CASES, the game will be ended 10 minutes before the next scheduled game. If a regular season game ends in a tie it stands as a tie.  If the game is the last game on the field for a given day, the extra inning can be played until darkness or weather conditions do not permit further play, as ruled by the umpire.  As a general rule, an extra inning should not be started after 8pm on weeknights when school is in session.  In the event the extra inning cannot be completed due to darkness or weather, as determined by the umpire, the game will be declared a tie. NOTE: For playoff games, complete 6 inning games are played and ties must be played out until a winner has been determined.
  21. Games called because of darkness or weather are official after 4 innings or after 3 ½ innings if (a) the home team is ahead or (b) the visiting team is ahead by more than 10 runs.  Once a game has started, if it is postponed by inclement weather before it is an official game, it will be a suspended game and resumed from the point it stopped.
  22. An inning ends when: (a) the 3rd out is made OR (b) the batting team scores 5 runs. In the 6th inning, each team will be allowed to score 10 runs. There will be no mercy rule enforced.  There will be 6 runs per inning in the playoffs with unlimited in the 6 th inning.
  23. Coaches who are on the field for pitching MUST attempt to move off the field or out of the way so as not to interfere with the play. If a coach is hit by a batted ball the play is dead and the batter returns with the same count and runners return to their previous base.
  24. Three strikes constitute an OUT. Foul tips and foul balls are counted as first and second strikes only. There are no balls or called strikes. Balls hitting the adult pitcher are "dead" balls and the pitch must be repeated unless the umpire determines intentional interference, in which case the batter will be called out. Hit batsmen are NOT awarded first base. The batter shall be ruled out after failing to offer at 8 pitches. A batter that hits a foul ball or foul tip on the 8th pitch shall be awarded further pitches until she puts the ball in play, fails to swing, or swings and misses.
  25. Sliding will be allowed. Runners are allowed to slide only if they are wearing a sliding pad. Sliding pads are to be provided by the player, not the league.
  26. If the league fails to provide an umpire for a game, then each team will supply one umpire. Each inning these umpires will rotate between home plate and the bases.
  27. For safety reasons no player may wear jewelry of any kind.
  28. Keep an accurate score for the game... The winning team is required to post the score to the ESAA website within 48 hours of the game.
  29. The playoffs are double elimination except for the championship game. If the team from the loser's bracket wins the game against the team from the winner's bracket, they are the champion. There will not be a second game played. The team from the winner's bracket, regardless of regular season record or seed, is the home team in the championship game. The standings during the regular season will be determined by winning percentages. These standings will be used to "seed" the teams for the playoffs. The higher seed for teams with the same winning percentage will be based on a) head-to-head record; b) head-to-head runs scored. Tie games do not affect winning percentage. 
  30. No call ups are allowed in the playoffs unless approved by the league commissioner.  If a team is unable to field enough players, the coaches must find a mutually agreeable makeup date.  If the coaches can not agree on a date, one will be set by the commissioner and decisions of the commissioner are final.
  31. The championship game will be held at the annual picnic at Wildwood Park, the time is TBD. RAIN DATE WILL BE THE FOLLOWING DAY. This will be a winner-take-all game. The home team will be the team coming out of the winner's bracket.
  32. While a team is at bat, no coach or parent other than the opposing team’s coach pitcher is allowed on the field.


  34. HAVE FUN!!!!!