Baseball Instructional T-ball (1st yr) Rules

Instructional T-ball (1st yr) Baseball Rules of Conduct

  1. Teaching and enforcing good sportsmanship must be a primary goal of all coaches.
  2. It is the responsibility of all coaches to control the behavior of his team, including parents and fans.
  3. Players and coaches will not be allowed behind the backstop while play is in progress.
  4. Derisive comments (i.e. "jockeying", heckling") to the umpires or opponents will not be permitted.
  5. No protests are allowed. All umpire decisions are Final.
  6. Umpires may eject coaches and players for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  7. After one warning, an umpire may ask a coach to remove an offending parent or fan from the playing field or risk a forfeit.
  8. !!!! At any time a coach is removed from a game due to an ejection, the offedending Coach will be suspended the next scheduled game.  If another incident occurs the coach will be removed from Coaching for the Season.  All cases will be reiviewed by the Board to determine further actions!!!

Instructional T-ball (1st yr) Baseball Game Rules

  1. All games will be five innings, with no full inning beginning after the scheduled starting time of the following game. Both teams should bat in the inning. No score is kept, and all games end in a tie.
  2. Each available player listed in the team batting order must bat in turn and must play a minimum of two innings in the field. No player should play the same position for more than two innings. Players should not be on the bench if at all possible.
  3. The bases will be set fifty-one feet apart.
  4. If the league fails to provide the umpire for a game, then one umpire will be designated by each team. The home-plate umpire will make a timely verbal call on every batted ball, determining whether it is fair or foul. Foul includes "swinging bunts" that fail to travel a minimum of ten feet from home plate or swings that hit mostly the T.
  5. A maximum of each player batting once will hit each half inning. An inning that reaches the final batter will end when one of the following occurs:
    a) Last batter is ruled out and this is the third out of the inning;
    b) Last batter crosses home plate
    c) A Fielder with the ball touches home plate;
    Note: An inning will automatically end with the third out.
  6. Batters must be in the batters box when the ball is placed on the T and ready for play. The first thrown bat per player per game will be declared an umpire warning; each subsequent thrown bat by a player who has received a warning will be ruled out.
  7. Each batter will be allowed a fair hit. Strikes will be counted but after the 3rd strike, the home-plate umpire may rule fair all swings that make some contact with the ball and the ball travels ten feet in fair territory.
  8. No bunts, no leadoffs, no stolen bases.
  9. A defensive team consists of:
    Pitcher (1): Pitcher will make a pitching motion prior to the batter's swing and will remain on the rubber forty feet from home plate until the batter swings at the ball.
    Catcher (1): Catcher will be positioned behind the 1st base side of the backstop (screen).
    Infielders (5-maximum): First baseman, second baseman, shortstop, and third baseman will play traditional positions, no closer than fifty feet from the batter until the batter swings. Midfielder if used will be positioned approximately five feet behind second base.
    Outfielders (unlimited): Outfielders must play on the outfield grass and/or at least twenty feet behind the baselines.
  10. An umpire, after one warning may award an opposing batter or runner one base for an illegal defense whenever a defensive player(s) remain out of position.
  11. Play will be considered "dead" when a fielder returns the ball to the pitcher, the pitchers mound or through the mound area (on a throw). Runner(s) will return to the previous bases unless the umpire determines a runner was more than halfway to the next base, in which case they will be entitled to that base.
  12. All players must be in uniform consisting of a cap, jersey and pants.
  13. All base runners, batters and on-deck batters must wear helmets.
  14. Team standing will not be kept in this league.
  15. There are no forfeits. A coach is permitted to "borrow" players from the opposing team to fill defensive positions.
  16. Two defensive coaches are allowed in the field but cannot touch the ball.
  17. The play on a batter cannot have more than one overthrow.
  18. All decisions of the umpire are final.
  19. No player may wear jewelry of any kind.
  20. The Home Team provides the game ball and is listed second on the schedule.
  21. The Home Team should have a Game Parent assigned for each game to
    a) Walk the field before the game starts to check for foreign objects or dangerous objects.
    b) Setup the field (put bases down, setup the T)
    c) Put away equipment
    d) Clean up the playing field and spectator areas of rubbish after the game.
  22. Games should be played at their scheduled times, unless weather conditions interfere. A game can be cancelled if both coaches are in agreement. If this cannot be done by phone, then both coaches should appear at the field to decide if the game should be played. The T-Ball Commissioner will decide disputes regarding these matters. 
  23. Lightning rule:  The 30 minute rule will be utilized when lightning is sited or thunder is heard.   All on field activity shall be automatically suspended for a minimum of 30 minutes and participants shall seek appropriate shelter.  An assessment of conditions is to be made after the 30 minute wait period.  On field activity shall resume when it is reasonably determined that additional threatening weather is not imminent.  If lightning is sited or thunder after the 30 minute count, the 30 minute count shall be restarted.  Games are resumed at the point at which play was postponed.  If the game needs to be rescheduled, it will be resumed at the point at which play was postponed.

  24. Players on each team should shake hands after the game.
  25. Remember the 3 F's of baseball: 1) Have fun 2) Make new Friends 3) Learn the Fundamentals.
  26. Remember to be safe, and most important-Have Fun! Now let's play ball!
  27. Championship game is played on the day of the picnic. If there is a rainout the game will be played on the next day, Sunday.
  28. Concussion Protocol for ESAA. If a player is struck in the head in any fashion while in the action of the game , Our umpires reserve the right to remove the player from play for the remainder of the game.  It is the Parents of the affected players decision to have player resume activities on the field for the next schedule event for that team.